Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maytag OTR Microwave

I have a Maytag model MMV5208WS stainless steel microwave. I wanted as big a microwave as I could get OTR. I initially wanted a convection-microwave combo, but I couldn't find any with great reviews. Many people complain that an OTR microwave is not reachable. However, I don't have any problems and I am average height, 5'5". It is so worth having the extra counter space.

The microwave has worked fine for me so far. The only complaint I would have is that the sensor cooking has been a little off, sometimes things cook too long and other times too short. The microwave also had a small scratch when I first got it, but I buffed it out with barkeepers friend and stainless steel polish so that it is not very noticeable now. I use the stainless steel cleaner that comes in an aerosol spray. Pretty easy to use. And I really like the barkeepers friend. It removes rust and other stains from the stainless steel very easily. Yes, stainless steel can rust and stain, if something sits on it long enough. I also use the barkeepers friend to clean my porcelain fixtures. I used to use vinegar to clean almost everything, but I learned that it is not good for stainless steel or grout.

I have the vent recirculating, and it seems to do a decent job. They recommend changing the carbon filter every six months, but I only do that once a year, and it seems to be ok. You have to take out screws to replace it, which is a little annoying.

Here is a link to the owner's manual.

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