Friday, September 9, 2011

Solving the Corner Cabinet Dilemma

I hate to have wasted space in the corner. Usually the solution to a corner cabinet is either a blind cabinet, which makes it very hard to get into the back corner, or some type of lazy susan which wastes a lot of space. I put a partially hidden cabinet in the corner. The grey cabinet was put on casters so that it rolls out easily. I'll talk about that cabinet more in a future post. In the opposite corner (no picture), I have the wine fridge on sliders so that it pulls out easily as well.

Even without moving the grey set of drawers, I can get into the corner cabinet to access some pans.

The corner cabinet was made from a regular ikea base cabinet frame, and the door is a 12" ikea door to match the rest of the doors, but it slides instead of opening on hinges. Instead of a handle like the other cabinets, this one has a knob purchased from Home Depot. I put stuff in the back of this cabinet that I don't need to get at very often, like these large bags of rice and flour. The divider that the pans are leaning against was purchased from Ikea.

The picture above is a close-up of the bottom track. It is made of wood, and waxed with Johnson Paste Wax. The door slides pretty easily in the track. The picture below is of the top of the door.

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