Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peninsula: Bar Side

Here is the raised bar side of the peninsula. The raised bar is close to standard bar height of 42". All of the parts that are painted grey are made of plywood. I used the Ace brand of high gloss paint, painted to match my roll-out set of drawers, which you can barely see the top of in the back corner of the kitchen.

The little shelving area serves as a support for the bar overhang (which is a 12" overhang). The shelving is stained the same color as the cubby hole next to the butcher block. I wanted these shelves so I could have somewhere to store my cookbooks. Also on the wall end is a cabinet. It is a standard IKEA cabinet which is turned to face the dining room.  The door is custom made to look the same style as the IKEA doors. The cabinet has extra depth because of the depth of the knee wall. Below is a picture of the inside of that cabinet. The area around the knee wall was framed in and stained to match the inside of the IKEA cabinet.

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