Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pull-out Trash

IKEA didn't make a pull-out trash system that was big enough for me. This particular one includes two 35qt trash cans, so I can have one for trash and one for recycling. The system was attached to the standard IKEA door. I believe the one I purchased is the Knape and Vogt brand. Rev-A-Shelf also makes pull out systems as well.

One thing that really bothers my husband about the configuration is that the dishwasher is in the same corner as the trash. Often you find that you want to access the trash while the dishwasher is open.

In my initial design, I had the trash to the left of the sink, but I wanted the cabinet in that spot to be on casters so I could slide it out from under the counter in order to access the back corner. I have another post about that. I could have had the trash in a moving cabinet, but I was afraid that the cabinet would try to move if there was heavy stuff in the trashcan, even though I had locking casters. Now, I don't think that would have been a problem, because the I never even lock the casters on the cabinet that is there now, and it doesn't want to move when opening drawers. Also, I thought that the cabinet to the left of the sink would be visually more appealing to be drawers, vs a cabinet door, because it is also a different color and and a different height than the other cabinets.

The other spot the trash could have gone to is the end of the peninsula (trade it with the set of drawers). This would have put it far from the sink, but I think in hindsight it may have been the best option. It is nice having the trash beneath the butcher block, because a lot of food trash is generated there.

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